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"Decide to Ride" Television Campaign - six PSAs promoting bicycling and safety

Campaign and Evaluation Summary

The Bicycle Safety Awareness Campaign is a series of six 30-second television spots intended to educate cyclists and drivers about critical safety issues. These public service announcements (PSAs) were broadcast during 2000 and 2001 on Portland, Oregon television station KGW-TV, Channel 8. The campaign videos are available from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

The team developing and producing the Decide to Ride Campaign included the Oregon Department of Transportation, KGW-TV, Grapheon Design Communications, MetaResource Group, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, and many volunteers.

Net recall of the campaign was 7% for the midcourse survey and 13% for the final survey. Positive changes in attitude and awareness were observed regarding driving around bike lanes and riding safely in the dark and rain. A high number of respondents indicated that they had learned something from the campaign.

The evaluation method used for measurement of the impact of the campaign were three telephone surveys. The baseline survey was completed in July 2000, before any of the campaign PSAs were aired. The midcourse survey of the Decide to Ride Campaign was completed in February 2001 after four of the six spots had been broadcast and a final survey was fielded in August 2001.

Evaluation Reports and Further Information

Midcourse Evaluation Report (210kb PDF)
Final Evaluation Report (242kb PDF)
Bicycle Transportation Alliance web site 
(View the PSAs and see more information on the campaign.)

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